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Stanley W. Cooper Inc. Celebrates 60 Years in Business

2016 is shaping up to be a really big year for Stanley W. Cooper Inc.

First of all, we’ve just launched a new website. The website includes our new blog, and you’re reading the inaugural entry. We hope to use the blog to offer tips about caring for your plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and to share news about our company and industry trends.

The new website also includes new information about our company’s background, our commitment to providing quality work on new construction projects, and the benefits of our maintenance contracts.

We’re proud of our new site, but there’s an even more important reason 2016 is a milestone for us: It’s our 60th year in business.

Those 60 years have been dedicated to growth. We don’t just mean growth in terms of size. We’ve also grown in terms of the service we can provide customers.

Our business began with Stanley W. Cooper, Sr., who started a plumbing business out of his house in Willow Grove in 1955. One man, one truck.

Today, we’re a full-service plumbing and HVAC company with 35 employees, a fleet of 17 trucks, working out of our 7,500 square foot plant and serving business and residential customers throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

After 60 years in business, we are proud of the reputation we’ve built among business and homeowners in the Delaware Valley: as a plumbing and HVAC company they can trust.

And we couldn’t have grown this way without you. So we’ll close this first blog post by saying “Thank you.”

Thank you for trusting us to let us into your homes and businesses to keep your properties running smoothly, for recommending our work to your friends and colleagues, and for seeing the name “Cooper” on our vans and thinking “dependability.”

Here’s to another 60 years.

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