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Helpful Hints

iStock 000067793401 MediumThe systems that heat and cool your homes should make you feel at ease without clearing out your bank account. With that in mind, we’ve decided to share a few HVAC tips to help you cut costs and increase your comfort.

Clean Your Filters
Check and clean your filters on a regular basis. Filters that are too clogged or dirty can damage your system, or at least prevent it from functioning.

Be Careful Where You Put Furniture
The flow of air to and from registers and return grills is critical to your system’s efficient operations. That means you can’t obstruct them, so take care not to put your furniture somewhere that blocks air flow.

Do Not Touch
Leave your thermostat alone after you’ve set it. Readjusting it over and over isn’t necessary. It wears on your system and wastes energy, so just set it and forget it.

Outdoor Unit Care
Uncut weeds and other growth can hinder air circulating and create other problems, so be sure to trim as needed.

“Pre-Vent” Humidity
Venting your clothing dryer to the outside of your home is essential. When excess moisture is released indoors, it puts a strain on your air conditioning.

Preventive Listening
Use your ears. Listen for any unusual noises your system makes. You may be hearing a warning that things are about to break down.

Do-It-Yourself Check
If your system isn’t working, check your circuit breakers before calling for service.

Storm Warning
Your power might flicker during a lightning storm. It’s a good idea to turn your thermostat to “off” until the storm has passed.